Lantern Maps

In my spare time I make intricate, custom maps using a laser cutter, CNC machine and pen plotter. I’ve developed a good bit of software behind the scenes to simplify and automate the design process for these maps, which I hope to launch as a standalone service soon.


A Java library for live (e.g. stays up to date while your application is running) configuration of applications. OSS version of the configuration library used extensively throughout HubSpot’s hundreds of deployed services.


Battlecode is MIT’s premier annual AI programming competition that takes place every January. Many pieces of the competiton software have been open sourced, including the instrumentation engine that powers the game. Also check out the competition site for the latest updates.

Battlecode Webclient

A Flex based client that allows playback of Battlecode matches right in the browser. Updated yearly to reflect game changes.


FPGABoy is a recreation of the classic Nintendo GameBoy handheld system on an FPGA. Built with Oleg Kozhusnyan for our 6.111 final project.


Flashblocks is a ActionScript library to support the creation of visual, block-based programming applications. Originally developed as my senior project while I was at MIT, it is heavily influenced by the work of several other projects also developed at MIT, including StarLogo TNG and Scratch. Also check out the LogoBlocks sample app to see it in action.